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Improve Drivability and Performance and Prevent Costly Breakdown.

30 Minutes Engine Detox

Who We Are

TIt’s a fuel additive, cleaning your engine while it’s running, and eliminating problems due to water and harmful chemicals in the fuel system better than any filter or manual cleaning.

HOYU EXORIN is a local Malaysian company set up to represent a combined technology program in a smart partnership with local and international industry expert groups coming together to create Eco Sustainable solution using a new paradigm of product and services that are creatively, authentically and distinctively developed to fulfill consumers’ desire for quality, convenience and affordability.

Hoyu Exorin is a producer and service provider of a Green Product awarded by Malaysia Green Technology. This new technology is specifically designed to give energy efficiency and costs saving to encourage local industry reduce carbon emission. Since it’s introduction in October 2010, this technology has achieved market acceptance and is widely used in the plantation, transportation and fishermen boat.

Technology Background

Originated from Australia this formulation is further developed to suit local engine condition. From combined technology program and using innovation and chemical engineering, Hoyu Exorin developed a revolutionary method to clean internal fuel system without any engine dismantling or expensive tools.

It works immediately in removing unwanted fuel by-product, increase combustion efficiency and give you complete burning on your fuel. So effective within 30min, you witness contamination flushed out and black smoke gone.

Trusted Partners

Hoyu Exorin is not promoting a product but a technology. In order to make it affordable and to ensure its users gets to enjoy the benefits, Exorin treatment is not available in the retail unless through Hoyu Exorin and its network.