Environmental Awareness Program 2014

Exorin Engine Detox At 50% Discount
Ends 31st December 2014

In-Support of Jbt Alam Sekitar “Green City Program” held in conjunction with World Environment Day 2014, Exorin Technologies Sdn Bhd will be conducting a GreenHouse Gas Emission Reduction Campaign during which Exorin Engine-Detox treatment (Formerly known as 1Solution) will be offered at 1/2 Price (50% Discount). This is applicable to companies in Sabah only and car owners in KK area who drives up to our Exorin Centre at Jalan Penampang before 31st Dec 2014.

Exorin Managing Director, Mr. Clement Lee Nyuk Yin say:
Exorin is a young company having make most of our business in Indonesia with mining and plantation fleets and machineries. After returning to Msia, we hope to use our locally developed Technology where 3 years of our time and money are invested in to benefit local industry, local youth and reduce our air pollution which is rapidly rising as shown from our air pollution index.

We have decided to offer this 1/2 price discount after companies and bus operators approaches us after they have witness our live demo at IPG Kent Campus, Tuaran in Jbt Alam Sekitar Rakam Alam Sekitar program whereby Puspakom conducted Smoke Emission test shows 100% passes and drivers can feel immediate power improved. Because most industry is facing rising cost and fuel price hike, they only choose those older engines to be treated whereas for new engines its even more important to prevent them from losing their energy efficiency as for old engines, we recover its lost performance.

In view of this and United Nation Environment Program below, we decided to give this discount and we hope this can be included into their maintenance practice. It is only once a year or every 20,000km whichever first.
We also hopes by doing this, more Green Products will come out and join us in this campaign. For every engine “Detoxed”, we reduce 2.6tons (1L:2.6kg) of air pollution. We target to reduce 26,000tons (10,000 engines) in this campaign until end of this year.

WHO (World Health Organization) has announced in Geneva March 25, 2014: Air Pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk, causing premature deaths worldwide. It is far more damaging than earlier expected when found to be responsible for 17mil premature death in 2012 alone. Much higher than cigarette smoking. Smokes from cigarette we can have a choice but to not the air we breathe.

UNEP (United Nation Environment Program): CCAC (Climate Change Clean Air Committee) will be conducting a global campaign later this year under slogan; ‘Clean air in every breath’ to create awareness on SLCP (Short Lived Climate Pollutant) where black carbon from diesel engine is the main cause.
Exorin Managing Director, Mr. Clement Lee Nyuk Yin say, we hope to see more of our local industry coming out to join this campaign. This is no longer is dollar and cent. Most cities in Asia last year are experiencing a high air pollution index, higher than a smoking room inside an international airport. It has to be crucial thus when they are showing awareness, here we are showing you one solution how to reduce your emission in a win win concept.

Mr. Chris Gomes or better known as Sabah Elvis Presley, Exorin Director of Business Development say;
Although Exorin treatment is very economy and user friendly using 3 simple steps in 3 products. To enjoy continuous fuel saving as Exorin has proven it can cover the entire cost, users needs to apply strict discipline and ensure that the treatment process is followed.
For this we have work out a combined technology program with US Clean Air Fleet Inc whereby we will be representing eachothers technology. Now we have an automated dosing device to help our corporate users to add in our Step3 Multi Functional fuel treatment which is a very powerful formula and will gives our users fantastic results. If you have used fuel additives, wait till you use this one and you know what we mean.
We have just presented our technology to JKR, PDRM Logistic and helped them to solve few units of their vehicles with fuel system issues and they are very happy about it.
Here we are asking you not only to show your support for a local product, we are also asking you to have faith in its performance (local product). We are proud of it as we can sustain our claims. Give us a chance and we will amaze you. There is no gimmick. Even when it is proven by Puspakom, DOE and SIRIM- Many still say; it’s too good to be true.

Campaign Updates:
Until today, Exorin had treated 126 vehicles, thus reduced 328tons (126 x 2.6ton).
With these 18 big buses from these companies, at least another 83tons. Total: 411tons
JKR Head Mechanical Mr. Raymond Salagan say: From the Emission reports of both Puspakom and DOE showing significant reduction in Black Smoke and HC (Hydrocarbon) Emission, technically this means lesser unburned fuel emission is released. Fuel now burned more completely, combustion efficiency improved therefore lesser fuel is used. Fuel saving is not conducted as this will involve other testing and longer period of time. A clean engine also means longer engine lifespan and lesser maintenance.

Companies that signed up for JAS reduce emission campaign.
            (1) The Tuaran United Transport Company Sdn Bhd
            (2) Maxfreight Sdn Bhd
            (3) The Luen Thung Tanjong Aru Transport Company Sdn Bhd

t is about time we see some consideration are given to us.
Mr Khoo and owners of the public transport companies above are happy to receive support this reduce emission campaign. We have always been supportive towards a green environment. Who does not want a cleaner air environment especially at time like this where we are facing with a high air pollution index but
Unlike Exorin, they have absolute confidence in their product performance and are willing to prove their efficiency to you first. We are grateful to JAS for introducing Exorin and we look forward to be introduced to more ‘Green Product’ from JAS such solution like ‘Exorin’.
You dont need to be a mechanic to know that there will be a reduced maintenance or longer engine lifespan. If you have seen those corrosive inhibitants being removed out of your engine, you know what i mean.