Green House Gas Emission Reduction Campaign 2014

Exorin has entered into an MOU with Jabatan Alam Sekitar and is now conducting a ‘Green House Gas Emission Reduction Campaign’

EXORIN Technologies Sdn Bhd, has entered into an MOU with Jabatan Alam Sekitar and is now conducting a ‘Green House Gas Emission Reduction Campaign’ to encourage local industry to start reducing Emission as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. During this campaign Exorin will be showing local industry how Exorin Engine-Detox convert their waste Emission into energy thus giving users increase in power and fuel-saving.

This technology is recently awarded a Green Product by Malaysian Green Technology and is now listed in My Hijau Directory, a Malaysian Government program designed to assist buyers in their buying decision to give priority to product with Green label. Exorin Engine Detox is a local technology developed and manufacture in Malaysia.

This campaign is launched at the recent “Program Rakan Alam Sekitar” organized by Jbt Alam Sekitar in conjunction with World Environment Day 2014 at IPG Kent Compus in Tuaran on 16th August 2014 whereby Jbt Alam Sekitar say that this campaign is timely to curb with the rising haze, smog and air pollution which is rapidly increasing due to our increasing population. We hope this will encourage more Green companies to come out to join this campaign. Together we will make a difference.

Puspakom Malaysia is invited to conduct Emission Test and JKR is also sending their vehicles to test the efficiency of Exorin treatment.
In its commitment towards a greener environment, Exorin Managing Director Mr. Clement Lee Nyuk Yin stated from his market research Most operator still holds the beliefs that the Environment is the Government responsibility while others blame it on the poor fuel quality that is causing unburned fuel emission and there is nothing we can do about that.

With this technology, we can make a difference. This technology is based on a win-win concept. Users will benefit from increased energy efficiency and fuel saving while contributing to prevent climate change. Immediate benefiting our surrounding with cleaner air, Based on test result achieved, for each engine “Detox-ed”, an average of 2.6tons of air pollutants is reduced. (1L Diesel = 2.68Kg CO2)

Exorin is supporting JAS Green Cities program by giving FREE TREATMENT at every JAS event and for this campaign, Exorin will be giving a special manufacturer’s DISCOUNT on its Engine-Detox treatment for all companies that register in this campaign. Almost all the companies that have send their vehicles for treatment have signed up after they have witnessed the benefits and 100% success rate of vehicles failed are now passed after Exorin treatment.

Apart from JAS Emission test results showing a significant reduction after Exorin treatment, in this program, The Puspakom Malaysia team is present to conduct the Emission Testing before and after Exorin Testing. Puspakom KK Branch manager En. Azlem Jambol is amazed at this innovative technology especially when it is a local product. With such treatment, he say there should be no failure at Puspakom Emission test now. All the vehicles including buses and lorries treated that day showed a 100% success with smoke opacity as high as 99% reduced to only 3%. (50% & below is the permitted level).

Mr. Ivan Berlancic, Exorin’s Director of Technical Support from Australia say Exorin formulation is originally from Australia and like most products in the market, they are designed to deal with contaminations left over by Ultra Low sulfur fuel. Exorin is totally redesigned to suit local engine condition. Exorin addresses the high water moisture and high sulfuric contents in the fuel here. Its contamination left inside the fuel system is something he will never find at home in Australia so how would they be possible to have the solution when they dont have such problems back home. Mr. Ivan has been working with local research group to make sure the products works before introducing them to the market. Now Mr Ivan is providing training to local fresh graduates in an internship program with local institutions.

Exorin has been involved in Environmental programs both locals and overseas since its set up in 2010 having worked with both Government Agencies and private sector such as The Sarawak Workshop Association, Fishermen Association and The Rotary Club etc to promote a greener Environment.
Exorin is now patented and promoted under its own trademark