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Improve Drivability and Performance and Prevent Costly Breakdown.

30 Minutes Engine Detox

Passenger Car

TIt’s a fuel additive, cleaning your engine while it’s running, and eliminating problems due to water and harmful chemicals in the fuel system better than any filter or manual cleaning.

It works with any diesel or petrol engines and cleans and protects the inside of your engine. Thereby you restore fuel efficiency, improve drivability and performance and prevent costly breakdowns. Obviously, this improves the residue value of your car once you sell it. Besides that, you have less to worry about being late for work because of an engine that won’t start.

ndependent tests saw fuel savings by up to 10 percent and up to 5 percent increased engine efficiency. Also it reduces emissions of CO by up to 90 percent and SO2 by up to 82%.
The improvements are visible not only in your wallet but also directly when you drive away from the first treatment–black smoke is reduced by up to 74 percent.

  • Increase Power & Torque up to 10%.

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption up to 15%

  • Reduces Black Smoke Emission (Diesel) up to 76%

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Hoyu Exorin is not promoting a product but a technology. In order to make it affordable and to ensure its users gets to enjoy the benefits, Exorin treatment is not available in the retail unless through Hoyu Exorin and its network.