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Improve Drivability and Performance and Prevent Costly Breakdown.

30 Minutes Engine Detox

Professional 3 Steps

Exorin is a liquid additive to the fuel, composed to clean the inside of the fuel system and engine. When used properly, it neutralizes, dissolves and absorbs any residues of gum, wax, sulphur and water–all normal bi-products in untreated systems.

Then, during normal operation, it allows these chemicals to burn off more fully in the combustion chambers.
The mechanical result of a clean engine is lower internal friction, fuller combustion and less wear and tear. The economical is lower fuel costs, longer lifetime and fewer breakdowns

Hitting the root of the problem
All engine fuels contain sulphur. When reacting with oxygen and hydrogen in the air, it forms sulphuric acid. This acid–like all acids–is corrosive and harmful to metal.

Also, other particles and chemicals in the normal traffic environment form residues of gum, lacquer, varnish and sludge deposits inside the fuel system. These residues are dragged together with the fuel into the engine and combustion chambers, reducing performance and service life of the engine.

Exorin hits the very root of these common engine problems: the unwanted chemicals.

Step 1 – Cleansing the engine
This step takes less than half an hour, either at a licensed workshop or during a visit to your site. The mechanic mixes Exorin Step 1 into the fuel and runs the engine. Exorin is injected directly into the engine.
The unwanted chemicals in the engine are washed out and collected in front of your eyes. You will be surprised about what you see, we promise!

Step 2 – Detoxing the fuel tank
After cleaning the engine, the mechanic adds Exorin Step 2 in a measured proportion into the fuel tank and fills it up.
The mix is designed to dissolve, absorb and transport any unwanted chemicals from the system into the combustion chambers of the engine, where they are burnt off in a controlled fashion.
Now you are ready to go. Do not top up the tank during this step, but run the engine until very little fuel remains in the tank.Then you are ready for step 3.

Step 3 – enjoying the better performance
You will notice the enhanced engine operations immediately. Every time you fill up the tank, you just add a small amount of Exorin Step 3 to the fuel. The proportions are given to maintain the smooth operation of the system over time.
It’s a small effort to gain significant benefits–lower fuel consumption, less wear and tear, cleaner exhausts and longer engine lifetime.


  • Prevents damage to the tips of the fuel injectors by absorbing any water in the fuel system.

  • Reduces air pollution from the exhaust by reducing smoke, particulate matter and Carbon Monoxide

  • Dissolves gum, varnish and wax deposits.

  • Burns off completely and harmlessly.

  • Helps de-carbonize combustion chambers.

  • Contains no toxic or corrosive ingredients

  • Helps deglaze cylinder bores.

  • Safe to use with catalytic converters.

  • Stops fuel from deteriorating.

  • Safe to use with gaskets, o-rings, seals and sensors.

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Hoyu Exorin is not promoting a product but a technology. In order to make it affordable and to ensure its users gets to enjoy the benefits, Exorin treatment is not available in the retail unless through Hoyu Exorin and its network.