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Improve Drivability and Performance and Prevent Costly Breakdown.

30 Minutes Engine Detox

Our combination of energy and cost saving products give an immediate return on investment with long term benefits proven as well.Our customers have saved millions in fuel, oil and maintenance costs with implementation of our technologies. Our focus is to conserve resources and reduce exhaust emissions with cleaner burning fuels and longer lasting oil.

Our products are proven not only in the lab but in the field, on your equipment, where it matters the most to you.
Whether you want to extend your oil drain intervals, increase your fuel efficiency, or address issues your fleet is having, we will match your needs to what fits you best.

With the ever rising costs of fuel, oil, components and equipment, the need for energy saving options continues to grow.  And as more of our clients achieve their goals, Clean Air Fleet brings a positive financial and environmental impact as a result.

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