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Improve Drivability and Performance and Prevent Costly Breakdown.

30 Minutes Engine Detox

Truck/ Commercial Vehicle

TIt’s a fuel additive, cleaning your engine while it’s running, and eliminating problems due to water and harmful chemicals in the fuel system better than any filter or manual cleaning.

These chemicals are present for natural reasons in every untreated fuel system, causing unnecessary friction, corrosion and clogging. This, in turn, results in poor performance, higher fuel costs, increased wear and tear and in the worst case costly standstills and breakdowns.

Surveys show that the number one reason for engine breakdowns is related to contaminated fuel. Exorin cures this, and your fleet runs more reliably, making money instead of causing problems. As you and we know, a truck fleet cannot afford to stand still and every hour of uptime is crucial. Your business and reputation depends on your ability to meet tight deadlines.

Step 1
Cleans out your engine physically, and you’ll actually see the slush coming out, wondering how the engine could run in the first place!

Step 2
Detoxes your fuel system by dissolving, absorbing and transporting matter and chemicals into the combustion chamber, where they burn and are blown out.

Step 3
When you operate your truck or bus. Just add a small amount of 1Soultion when fueling, and you’ll keep the clean state of you engine–saving on fuel, motor oil, repair and standstills, mile after mile after mile…
In addition to direct financial savings, you save on the environment too.

Tests show that the CO emissions are reduced by up to 90 percent, and “black smoke” reduced by up to 74 percent. As environmental responsibility is increasingly becoming an issue to your customers, Exorin can actually help to win and keep additional business.

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Hoyu Exorin is not promoting a product but a technology. In order to make it affordable and to ensure its users gets to enjoy the benefits, Exorin treatment is not available in the retail unless through Hoyu Exorin and its network.